About the Project

Online shopping has become an important part of everybody’s life. Each year millions of packages are delivered by Amazon, FedEx, UPS, eBay to the homes. With the rapid growth in doorstep deliveries, problems like theft of packages are also growing rapidly. Lockbox is a solution to these problems.

My Role

UX Designer/ Researcher


Mobile App

Goal is to Provide a solution:  

  • Which secures the users packages.
  • Saves time.  
  • Helps the user to track all the packages in one application.
  • User can access the box from any location using application. 
  • User can give access to family friends, so that only authorized user can only access the box.
  • Lock box is for every tech savvy or non tech savvy user.

Design Principles/Tenets:

Eliminate any unnecessary information and keep the design as simple as possible.
Provide clear and rapid feedback as the user utilizes the interface.
Keep the design consistent across all pages.
Ensure users have all the tools they need for a great user experience.
Allow users to navigate the app easily and quickly.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is one of the earliest research steps in the UX design process. We did competitive analysis to see if there is any gap in the market and the existing products.

Prototyping and Wireframing

We started with multiple ideas for design and functionality after doing brainstorming, we finalized few designs an created wireframes.

In the initial usability testing phase, users were encouraged to verbalize their thoughts and give their genuine reviews about the app, including their perspective on its functions. This stage was dedicated to understanding user behaviors and their primary interactions with the early prototype. Upon gathering user feedback, I dove into the data, making adjustments based on their shared experiences. Particularly, some users found the lock/unlock feature challenging to use, so I took their comments onboard, simplified the navigation, and removed any functions that could potentially confuse the users.

Box Screen Iteration 1

User Testing

LockBox is designed to ensure secure storage of the packages, with owners able to monitor their packages via a mobile app. During testing, I observed user interaction with two key aspects of LockBox - the mobile app and the LockBox's display. I conducted a total four rounds of usability test, with three in the first phase and one after minor adjustments were made. Users were asked to perform four tasks - most related to the mobile prototype and a task focused on the LockBox's display navigation. Users found unlocking the lockbox through a passcode on its screen quite challenging due to a design issue hindering smooth transition to the next step. However, they completed the remaining tasks - unlocking via the app, accessing the camera, and checking package history, effectively. Based on testing feedback, I improved performance by substituting the LockBox display's icon with a clear, more user-friendly button.

Box Screen Iteration 2

Prototype Narrative Video

High-Fidelity Prototype

Lessons Learned

When we initially started, we had many ideas for design and functionality. After discussing the ideas and working through the design charrette exercise, we were able to walk away with a unified set of ideas and solutions about product. After the first round of testing, some of the users noted the difficulty in performing two particular tasks: how to enter a passcode and how to unlock the lockbox. We took feedback shared by the users into consideration and worked towards making navigation easier and eliminated the options which might confuse the users.

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