Campout From Cancer

About the Project

Our Team redesigned the website and mobile app for Campout from Cancer. Camp Out From Cancer is a 501c3 organization that sends camping themed care packages to children who are fighting cancer. Literally run out of the founder’s living room, they’re focused on creating care packages for pediatric cancer kids and families. As requests have increased over the years, processes have been established to manage the operations - receiving, fulfilling and shipping them. Our goal was to simplify the fulfilment process and decrease the administrative workload and to make a website that could also be easier to manage and empower the organization to more easily make updates themselves.

My Role

UI/ UX Designer


Website and Mobile App

Design Process

User Research

Study client needs, existing UX, and site options. 

Card Sort

Content Inventory and sorting via Optimal Sort.

Site Map

User insights, explore, and verify assumptions.

Lo-Fi Prototypes

Iterations, sketches, and ideation.

Mid-Fi Prototypes

Implementing design and exploration. Usability testing and insights.

Final Site

Finishing up the site and handing off.

Initial Client Meetings

Gather Artifacts

1. Current site.
2. Logo files and brand assets.
3. Color palettes.
4. Photos of care packages and the kids.

Listening to the Client

1. Simplify the fulfillment process.
2. Set up credit/debit card payment along with PayPal.
3. Personalization on tent color and product selection.
4. Easy site update

User Research

Our research includes conducting user survey to understand the user needs and what do they mainly use the website for, we also researched the technical options for the site based on the price and ease of editing and effort analysis in terms or editing and updating.

User Survey

Competitive Analysis

User Flow

Based on our user research we obtained our user flow which allows us to visually see the options that our users have. Based on the tasks that the user will complete they will have 3 different options to go about any process. For example, requesting a care package, purchasing a kit, or even donating. 

Click here to view the User Flow

Content Inventory

This is our content inventory, and we have included all current pages, menus, and all info that was in the old website. This allows us to view all information we have to work with, and how we can improve for users to locate and find what they are looking for without having to stress out.

Click here to view Content Inventory

Card Sort

We conducted an open card sort first to identify common categories. With the identified categories, we set up a hybrid sort for users to gather expectations on the site structure.


Based on our results with the card sort we were able to obtain insights and see where users were expected to see specific tasks within a specific place in the website. We gathered our results and created our site map based on what users were looking into more and what tasks they needed to complete.

Click here to view the Sitemap

Lo-Fi Prototypes

1. Brainstormed initial ideas.
2. Gathered sketches from team members.
3. Compiled sketches to gather feedback from the client.

Lo-Fi Insights

1. Make donations as the primary action.
2. Client prefers to have a simple design.
3. A picture slideshow on the header of the page.
4. Highlight special siblings section.

Mid-Fi Prototypes

1. Started with the wix template.
2. Combined the feedback to incorporate changes.
3. Helped in testing the initial version with the client.

Mid-Fi Insights

We tested 5 tasks with the users, 90% of the users were able to achieve the tasks with ease. Improvement for the experience of ordering the care package.
1. Header images were not prominent.
2. Header text was colliding with the images.
3. Suggested an Instagram like banner.
4. Adding board of directors to the website.

Style Guide

I created style guide to establish consistency across the website and to hand off guides for the client to modify the website.  Click here to view the style guide.

Final Design

Click here to view the website



What I learned

In the end of this project, I looked back and considered what I have learned. The following are a list of things.
1. Technical skills using Wix traditional templates:
Responsive design.
Type and color themes.
2. Re-imagining a site without scraping its original identity:
3. Soft skills:
Working with a NPO client.
Remote working skills and communication.

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