Re-imagining the Metasys App and Device User Experience

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Introduction of Metasys

The Metasys application is an advanced building management solution providing unprecedented control over a facility's environment, safety, and security systems. As part of its ongoing evolution, the project to introduce new features aimed at enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the app was initiated.

Research Objective

The goal of this UX  case study was to enhance the user experience of the Metasys application by introducing new features that prioritize aesthetics and functionality. By collaborating closely with HVAC Technicians, the aim was to test the prototype small-display designs for supporting tasks associated with the live trending and schedule features, and to capture user feedback on various prototype design elements.  


User Interviews: Conducted in-depth interviews with HVAC Technicians to gather insights into their daily workflows, pain points, and desired improvements.
Competitor Analysis: Studied similar applications in the market to identify best practices and areas for differentiation.
Usability Testing: Designed and conducted usability tests with a prototype featuring the proposed new features to evaluate user interactions and identify usability issues.

Users were presented with the prototype and asked to complete series of tasks using a prototype that is designed to look like the controller displays that are installed on HVAC equipment such as chillers and air handler units. After each task users were asked to rate their experience on the scale of 1-5 where one represents - very bad and 5 represents - very good and follow up questions were asked.


Aesthetic Appeal: Feedback from HVAC Technicians emphasized the desire for a visually engaging and modern interface. The existing UI was seen as outdated, leading to lowered engagement and user satisfaction.
Functionality Enhancement: Users expressed the need for features like list view than graph view that would improve their efficiency in managing building systems. A demand for quicker access to critical data and simplified workflows was evident.
User-Centeric Navigation: The existing navigation was complex and required multiple clicks to access essential functions. Users were seeking a more intuitive and streamlined navigation experience.


Visual Redesign: Worked on the design to enhance the visual elements. Incorporated a contemporary color scheme, refined typography, and consistent iconography to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design.
Performance Dashboard: Introduced a customizable dashboard displaying real-time data and key metrics relevant to HVAC Technicians. This feature provided Technicians with instant insights, reducing the time needed for data retrieval.
Task Optimization: Restructured the task flow based on user feedback to minimize the steps required for common tasks.


Enhanced Engagement: Post-implementation user analytics indicated a marked increase in user engagement, attributed to the improved visual aesthetics and intuitive design.
Improved Efficiency:
Facility managers reported time savings due to the new dashboard and optimized task flows. The streamlined navigation also led to faster task completion.
Positive User Perception: User feedback surveys indicated higher user satisfaction and a stronger perception of the application's usability and efficiency.


Through meticulous user research, iterative prototyping, and usability testing, the introduction of new features to the Metasys application, focusing on both aesthetics and functionality, resulted in a transformative user experience. The integration of modern design elements, a performance dashboard, and optimized task flows significantly enhanced user interactions, efficiency, and overall satisfaction for facility managers. This case study underscores the value of user-centered design in driving impactful improvements that resonate with users and elevate software applications to new heights.

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